Macka Diamond says fans from other countries show her more support than Jamaicans.

The veteran Dancehall entertainer broke down emotionally as she recalled getting more love in Costa Rica than in Jamaica.

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The “Cucumber” star got emotional as she thanked fans in Costa Rica during an Instagram post earlier this week.

“Me cry on the way back, is like tears run outa me eyes fi know seh lawd Jesus me own people dem, like me own people dem bring me down,” mentioned Macka. “Like if me did follow my own people dem me woulda give up you know, me woula give up and me come inna wa next country, wa next town and the love, the love wa me get,” she continued.

“Me a say lke Jah know, me own people dem can’t see me talent but a outa town, these people don’t talk English, no understand nothing wa me a say. A mussi bout four people inna the crowd understand English and the love wa me a get, Costa Rica me love uno, me love uno, a me new home, me new family and me love uno,” she said.

Macka’s outcry was also echoed by other female entertainers Sheba and Dancehall Queen Carlene. “It be ya own ppl everytime..smh. keep the faith mumz,” Sheba declared.

Macka Diamond’s emotional claim comes just days after producer Rvssian made a similar claim. He took to Twitter to implore Jamaicans to support dancehall artiste instead of bashing their efforts.

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