Currently under-fire Jamaican Dancehall dancer/entertainer Marvin The Beast has broken his silence via social media after a video which went viral have many accusing him of homosexual tendencies and infidelity.

The rumors reportedly started circulating last Friday after a raunchy video surfaced on social media of the controversial dancer.

The Beast immediately refutes claims of him having intimate relations with men and and that the video had to be one of his past transgressions and not an act done while dating his current partner DHQ Nickeisha.

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“A haffi a woman that i’ve had a close relationship with… cause memeber me nuh f**k man ! The only thing me cya understand a how me hood so little !” Stated an upset Marvin.

According to sources close to the couple, Nickeisha is aware of the cheating allegations and viral video however she has no intentions of leaving him anytime soon as they duo is good for business

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