Mavado has finally broken his silence on his God-like image which he uploaded on Instagram Sunday.

The Gully Gad sent Dancehall fans into a frenzy when he dropped the photo which many considered as blasphemy.

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On Wednesday, Mavado shared a preview of his upcoming single titled “Big Like Jesus” and addressed the critics over his artwork.

“This must be the end days these are perilous times. Whats the big fuss for? Is it me being in the image or the image itself?,” Mavado said. “It’s Halloween season we dress up our kids and houses is all form of devil representations and it’s ok? Look at all these festivals we go in all kinds of costumes with the ‘devil fork’ and it’s ok?”

“They taking bibles out schools and hotels and it’s ok? I have been representing for God ever since I was a child until my last breath so I will forever represent for him, even the Christians are scared to represent for God now when last you see someone knock at your door telling you to come to church they scared to get shot.”

“No one knows what God looks like so even the face I replaced my face with it’s not Gods face. As a kid the first prayer we learned is God is good God is great so nothing bringing light to him cannot be bad. I never said I’m God or anyone should worship me. This Christmas is a God Christmas and this song is for all my fans just like how bad-mind, envy and the daily fight of the wicked couldn’t hold down God or didn’t stop him from doing good on earth same so it will not hold us down and we need to strive to do it,” he added.

Mavado will be releasing “Big Like Jesus” today. Stream a snippet of the single below.

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