Miguel began dating model-singer Nazanin Mandi when he was 18 years old. After 12 years of dating the lovely Nazanin, he’s finally decided to pop the question and put a ring on it.

“Nazanin and Miguel are really excited to get married! They’ve been together for some time and knew that they were going to spend their lives together,” Sources close to E. News reported. “All of their friends and family think they are the best couple and really complement each other.”
Nazanin announced the news via an Instagram selfie that featured a giant diamond rock chilling elegantly on her ring finger.

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Last year, on Ebro in the Morning, Miguel spoke about his philosophy on relationships. “I don’t feel the pressure because I know when I commit, I really commit. Now it’s just thrown around because you can easily break up, and I’m not that kind of person,” he said. “I wouldn’t do that to her, and that’s not how I was raised. I don’t think that would be honorable.”Congrats to Miguel and the lovely Nazanin!Via
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