You may have glimpsed Amelia ‘Milk’ Sewell in a series of television ads featuring the Bahamas-based Strong Back Vitality Drink during the recent General Election campaign.

The popular media personality reportedly inked a six figure endorsement deal to push the product in Jamaica.

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“The Strong Back vitality drink was launched recently via a very tongue in cheek television ad campaign and I have been getting a lot of strong feedback via social media about my role in the ad,” a laughing Milk said.

The manufacturer has revealed that sales have quadrupled since the ad campaign in February.

“The sales have quadrupled since the ads began on television, the product is really moving off the shelves,” Winston Pinnock, head of the Jamaica Bahama Imports Ltd, said.

Pinnock said that the Strong Back vitality drink has been a product which has been available for years.

“My marketing team chose her because they felt she would be a good choice for the product. The product has been around for a while, but we are going to be pushing it more this year in Jamaica and other territories,” he said.

The vitality drink is also available in The Bahamas. This product is one of many bearing the ‘Strong Back’ brand – in reference to the strong back root that has become synonymous in Jamaican folklore with improving sexual performance, particularly with men. The root, which features natural aphrodisiac properties, grows naturally throughout the rural areas of the island and can also survive long dry spells.

In the meantime, Milk has survived her own dry spell on the media scene, and in recent times, has experienced a resurgence in her media visibility as she was hired as Fame Fm’s newest Entertainment Reporter/producer. Before her radio stint she was the manager of Famous Night Club for three years where she revolutionized the party scene in Portmore with her various club activities and events

When asked about her six figure deal, she said:

“Everything in my life happens full circle, I fall down 7 times and get up back eight. I am very grateful for the confidence Mr. Pinnock has showed in me …Strong Back and Milk make a very potent concoction…we go very well together…”


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