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Popular Tv/Media personality Amelia Sewell who also goes by the moniker ‘Milk’ and Fame95 radio personality, unapologetically took to national TV and revealed that she was Bounty Killer’s ‘side chick’ for over +7 years.

In an interview conducted on the ‘Saudicka Diaram Show’ on Saturday night, Milk claims she was one of the many women the ‘Warlord’ had at the time.

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“Yes, I was a side chick when I was with Bounty Killer,”

“Me did check fi Bounty still. We were together for like about seven years,” Milk states.

She also added that Killer wasn’t hesitant in his approach to aware her that she’s one of many, perhaps why he claims the title  ‘ 5-star general’

“My major competition at the time was Angel. I mean her and I are friends now but at the time both of us knew about each other. Angel was the wife to me but I think there was somebody ahead of Angel also,” she said.

But though she was only a side chick she said she never lacked attention from Bounty. She added that she always made herself a place of solace for him.

“Me as a side chick, I made sure that I’m the comfort zone because the situation at home with the wife is always some kind of tumultuous kind of thing, so I always try to keep my atmosphere and my vibe really cool because at the end of the day, if he wants comfort zone, the first person he is gonna think of is me,”claimed Sewell

According toDre1 sources, she later added, “I don’t get involved in the drama. I’m not going to pick up my phone and call wife and mek she know wah gwaan. I’m not going to cause a scene and I can’t cause a scene, being a side chick, being Milk either. I have to keep myself circumspect,”

However, though Sewell claims has moved on from the side chick life, she believes most women become side chicks because it makes life easier.


Update Your Friends
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