A newly launched project courtesy of Terror Family Production, Donstew Production, and Wai Fuzion Records, has enlisted Jahvillani, Mr Vegas, and Cutty Ranks as the top-tier dancehall entertainers to join the effort.

A gathering of talented artistes including Frassman Brilliant, Beenie Gunter, Cova Grung, Kemist, and Zinthos have also lent their support to release the much-anticipated ‘Hot Tea Riddim’. The project represents several talented luminaries across various generations.

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“The atmosphere of this project highlights the culture of dancehall from what it was to now. That was the main objective of this venture, ” said Donstew.

On Friday, September 24, 2021, the project will premiere in North America, the Caribbean, and Europe. 

“This project has been a long-anticipated project. Each artiste is very enthusiastic about how their song will perform. For Terror Family, this project is not just another juggling, but also a project we hope to share some highlights on Jamaica’s most talented but sometimes underrated artistes. ” Mark Lawrence of Terror Family Production.

Four singles have been released from the project, with Mr Vegas, Weh Bruk Ago, Beenie Gunter, and Trust Mi being among them. Frassman Brilliant (feat. Ever-Evolving) has also been released recently.

“I like how each artiste approached the riddim. We didn’t have to tell them how to go about it. It is an authentic dancehall riddim. You get a raw feel of dancehall from each of the artistes, “, Billboard-charting producer Wai Fuzion added.

The compilation began at the onset of the pandemic in March 2020 and wrapped recently with the addition of the track from Zinthos.

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