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Trinidadian Rapper Nicki Minaj is a huge fan of Beenie Man and it turns out his smash hit ‘Romie’ is her favourite track from The King of Dancehall.

On Saturday Beenie uploaded a clip performing ‘Romie’ in Melbourne, Australia and the ‘Only Rapper’ liked the post and shared how much she loved the 1996 classic.

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According to Nicki, she played ‘Romie’ fifteen teens back-to-back on Friday while she was getting her nails done. “On my life. I played this yesterday like 15 times back to back while getting my nails done,” she wrote.


“It’s all about ROMIE!!!!! and him big fat sister NAIOMI!!!!! The two ah dem claim seh dem KNOW MEEEEEEE – ah u name KINGGGGGGGGGGGG BEENIE!!!!!!!!!! Rrraaahhhh!!!!,” she added.

Update Your Friends
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