Dancehall/Reggae Artist I-Octane’s mother is still a vendor in Jamaica despite the Hot Ras’ success in the music industry.

According to the “Mama” singer, his mother Pauline Williams, is a rebel and she made the decision to stick to vending after his rise to stardom and him finally being able to provide for her.

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However Octane says his mother isn’t short of anything as he gives her over $1,000USD monthly but she still insists on taking it to the streets and hustle as thats what she did while he was growing up.


“My mother’s reality is her vending and that is it. She is not short of money or anything, but she used all her teenage years supporting us through vending,” I-Octane said.

” So, despite the fact that I have a three storey house for my home, I have money and I gave her one floor for herself, she still doesn’t want to come there.”

The deejay added that he has tried to convince her multiple times to retire however vending is her lifestyle and it makes her happy so it doesn’t seem like she’ll be quitting anytime soon.

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