Shenseea’s 100 tablets which she intended to distribute across Jamaica to help with online classes were completely finished within a matter of hours.

The Dancehall princess made the announcement on social media on Friday (November 5) when she uploaded a video. ShenYeng said she promised herself that after doing her first show she would be doing a give-away, so she decided to by 100 tablets to help with online classes.


“This is something that has been bothering me since the lockdown especially since i’m a single mom I can only imagine what some parents are going through,” Shenseea wrote under the video.

“I’m giving away over 100 Tablets to support your child that have difficulty gaining access to participate in online schooling. I love y’all #ShenYengz ❤️🐉 I wish I could’ve seen you to deliver them myself but i’m still in quarantine. Please to hit me or any of my team members up #StaySafe,” she continued.

Shenseea’s manager, Romeich Major revealed that they were out of stock three hours after she uploaded her video.

The popular businessman, artiste manager says he is now looking to get more tablets for aid in distance learning in Jamaica however is seeking help from fellow industry players and friends.

“We all can combine together so we can continue this trend and help the families of Jamaica,” Romeich said.

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