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Social media is buzzing with reports of Prince Marni & Inhalemee ending their longtime relationship.

vNews of the breakup started circulating online after the Jamaican comedian, real name Anthony Grant, uploaded a snapchat conversation of a fan who gave him a compliment.

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Social media users then discovered that his Trinidadian dancer girlfriend, Denisha Burton had unfollowed him on Instagram. She later made a cryptic post saying “Wanna have your cake and eat it to not with me boo ✌? #SelfLove#LadiesRespectYourself ? ❣️✨.”

The two are yet to confirm or deny the rumours however it’s pretty evident. Prince Marni and Inhalemee went viral last month when they uploaded a video doing the ‘Nicki Minaj Challenge’, the clip was then shared by the Trinidadian Rapper.

Update Your Friends
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