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Reggae singer Queen Ifrica has denied taking jabs at popular media personalities Miss Kitty and Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett in a recent social media post.

According to the roots and culture diva, when she posted a clip of herself working out with the hash-tag #no plastic [expletive deleted], she was simply trying to encourage women to workout.

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“I posted a clip from my workout the other day with the hashtag #Noplastic to encourage my sisters who want to have a great body to work out for it,” said Ifrica in a post to her social media pages on Tuesday.

Ifrica added that she was not “throwing words at either Miss Kitty of the Curvy Diva.”

She noted that both media personalities are her friends.

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Queen Ifrica received both support and backlash for her original post with some praising her efforts of encouraging natural beauty, while others accused her of taking secret jabs.

One commentator noted that the timing of the singer’s workout video along with the hashtags suggested that she was reacting to recent media reports about one of the personalities.

However, another commentator argued that it was important for the singer to portray and encourage natural beauty, as it seems society has become obsessed with plastic.


Update Your Friends
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