Veteran artiste Red Rat was is dropping some interesting facts about his music.

During an Instagram Live session with Billboard songwriter and producer, Kirk ‘Koolface’ Ford, Red Rat reminisced on his days at Main Street studio.

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The deejay spoke about some of his biggest hits, as well as a little known fact about one of their biggest productions.

He reveals that he was actually the person ad-libbing on most of the tracks on the Danny Browne-produced Filthy riddim. The project, which was released in 1998 is one of the biggest Dancehall productions of all time. In 2019 the beat was sampled by rapper Nicki Minaj for the hit track “Megatron.”

“I can gi yuh one riddim weh most people hear it and don’t even recognize certain tings, but a di first mi a seh dis now pan a platform on a live,” he said.

“Yuh si Filthy ridim, if yuh listen every song pon Filthy riddim, my voice inna it yuh nuh – every song. Traffic Blocking ‘wah’. Yuh si dah ‘gwaan’ deh? A me. ‘yeh, yeh yeh yeh yeh’, a me. ‘Teck it easy yuh pupum cheesy’, a me. Suh every song – no mi a tell yuh, but nuff people nuh know,” he added.

The Filthy riddim helped to catapult the careers of several stars including Mr. Vegas and General Degree in the late 1990s. Both went on to enjoy significant international success following their standout tracks “Heads High” and “Traffic Blocking” respectively.

Red Rat is best known for several hits in the late 1990s to early 2000s such as “Shelly Ann,” “Tight Skirt,” and “Charlene.”

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