According to sources, the 2015 Magnum Kings and Queens winner allegedly harassed a dancer, and had to be removed from the club after a complaints were made.

The alleged complaint was “We got a complaint that he got a little rough with one of the dancers, and grabbed at her private parts. She complained so he was asked to exit the club. While he was exiting, he told Corey Todd (about his mother), and he took a swing at Corey, after which Corey grabbed him, took out Devin Di Dakta’s belt and started to whale him with it like he was a little boy,” the source said.

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The source continued to say, “Devin’s entourage did nothing and none of the club’s security personnel got involved. After the incident, they got into a car and left. We don’t tolerate certain kinds of behaviour in the club.”

Reports now circulate that the dancer involved is now traumatised by the alleged sexual attack, and will report to the relevant authorities

However, sources close to Devin Di Dakta¬†claim that the attack was unprovoked, and stemmed from a diss song he did about Todd, and that “20 security people beat up the artiste”. It is not clear if the artiste has reported the incident to the police.


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