The self proclaimed Dancehall trap king is feeling the Christmas spirit a few months early as he promises to return home bearing gifts.

Currently on a tour of the U.S, the Paranoid creator is filled with anxiety as he prepares for his return home to recoup and spend well needed family time.

King reportedly told local papers, “For my birthday, I just took an easy day. It was all about rest as the remainder of the week I am booked for performances in Philadelphia and New York, just before the big birthday celebration in Jamaica,”

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“It is also not about making money to put into my pocket,”  concluded Rygin King.

These activities are not uncommon amongst Dancehall entertainers, many not only express their patriotism through lyrics but also community-engaging concerts/festivals.

The event is scheduled to be held at the Benta River Falls in Williamsfield, Westmoreland, and in association with the Youth of Norwood, and entertainers Danger Fire and Sure Fresh, will host the treat.


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