RYGIN King will be releasing a 10-song album titled Therapy on September 9. He is confident that he remains ‘Dancehall’s Baddest Ting’ after a life-threatening incident two years ago.

“This album is not just physical but mental therapy. I have not been around no one an’ mi mek this album, mi do everything miself, engineer di tracks, write di songs, ah me alone. This album is just Rygin Chap Records,” said Rygin King.

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The set includes Wake Me Up, Circumstances, Broken, and the lead track, Therapy which will be released on August 5.

“Di one called Wake Me Up is di exact story of what happen to mi. God bless mi with a talent dat is so remarkable dat mi can describe di picture of how it unfolded. An’ I have another one called Broken, great, great track. Broken is about how dem try break mi spirit,” Rygin King explained.

The album is scheduled for release September 9th, 2022 with 16 tracks all Rygin King no features.

“This is di time when people normally return to school after di summer, so dis date represents a return to business, a therapy session to send everyone off with a good energy for a new programme,” the artiste said.

The deejay revealed that he hopes to one day walk again after escaping death’s door. He was shot three times by gunmen in Struie district, Westmoreland, on June 28, 2020.

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