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Safaree has made his wife Erica Mena an honorary Jamaican.

They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach and Erica Mena is proving this once again. The Love And Hip Hop star has impressed her husband and fans alike with her culinary skills.

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Erica Mena may be American, but she definitely has some Caribbean flavour judging from her brown stew chicken. The reality star’s culinary skills were on full display as Safaree took to Instagram to show off his home-cooked meal.

“Ladies step your weight up,” Safaree declared as he showed off his wife’s skills in the kitchen.

The “Stuntman” rapper captured the entire process from preparation to plates, as they both rocked to Sister Nancy’s classic hit “Bam Bam.”

When the meal was finally ready Mena whipped out a couple of plastic plates and they both enjoyed. “I don’t like dishes. I don’t care how much money you think I got, don’t nobody want to be washing dishes,” mentioned Safaree. “My food’s in it that’s all that matters,” continued Erica.

Fans also took to social media to have their say on Mena’s skills, with most giving her a passing grade. “It looks good! Well season dung 🔥” one fan complimented, while another joked, “Nicki could nevaaaa 😭😂”

Interestingly, it seems a little quarantine time is actually strengthening the couple’s relationship.

“You are officially Jamaican, this coronavirus has made you Jamaican,” Safaree declares after tasting the meal.

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