“Will Masicka respond to Skeng’s so-called diss track?” is the question on the lips of some Dancehall fans who want to see the lyrical showdown between the two entertainers.

Though he didn’t call Masicka by name, Skeng in his latest song ‘Day Break’, took lyrical jabs at the Genahsyde deejay with lyrics like “Cah fire none tall that a wet matches.” A direct reference to Masicka who said he’s firing like “10 pack a matches” in his latest song Pack A Matches.

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In recent times, both Masicka and Skeng have been exchanging subtle jabs via social media.

On Instagram, Masicka openly said “A coke head tek molly” a shot at Skeng who sings openly about popping the drug.

Then recently, when Masicka was promoting his latest song, ‘Pack A Matches’ on social media, in the caption wrote,“Pack A Matches out now.” In the comment section, a member of Skeng’s entourage quickly responded, stating, “Like Water wet it.”

With Sting slated to take on December 26 at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in Priory, St. Ann, some are wondering if the early antics between Masicka and Skeng will culminate at the popular Boxing Day show.

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