Our male Dancehall break out artiste of 2020, Skillibeng has released a 35-tracked compilation titled ‘The Prodigy’

The Prodigy, power-packed in at a full 1 hour and minutes, encompasses 35 tracks featuring inventive flows over straight-to-the-face trap-influenced beats with guest appearances by Tommy Lee, Dovey Magnum, Jada Kingdom, Dre Island, Jakal, and the Unruly Boss.

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“Brand New Gun,” “Bullet,” “Gun Talk,” “Grumpy,” “Badman,” and “AK”). Skilli refers to such tunes as “Cinema for Ears” even as he admits that they reflect the reality of certain youths in the streets of Jamaica circa 2020. But the project also includes more uplifting tunes like “How Life Sweet” and “One Life” featuring the Mobay-born and Brooklyn-based rapper Jakal.

The Prodigy also showcases rising talents like Street Gena, Quenga, F.S., and One Sparkes, who guest on the posse cut “Not.” Check out Skilli’s thoughts on the project up top and his latest track below.

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