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Spice Official is definitely the author of surprises in 2019 with two major announcements.

All week the QOD, has been hinting at a particular date, March 8th, which we’ve now come to realize is international Women’s Days.

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Spice took to her social media platforms to make two major announcements in relation to her career.

Firstly she announced that she’s getting married at an undisclosed location and many are speculating the mystery man from her latest video ‘Mine Mine Mine’

Spice continued with her second announcement, that she’s also expecting another child ! As if the first announcement wasn’t too much to handle on such short notice.

Our sources close to the entertainer are rumoring the genre of the baby is male, however we haven’t received any concrete evidence.

Spice Official is scheduled to go live on Instagram during her wedding ceremony and is available to talk to fans all day via a number she posted on Instagram

Update Your Friends
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