Update Your Friends

The ‘Man From Mars,’ Tony Matterhorn has a lot to get off his chest.

Matterhorn took to social media to air out his anger towards the Dancehall fraternity, more so Niko’s closer superstar friends.

Tony argued that a much greater effort could’ve been displayed to save the deceased selectors ‘s life and that he’s not surprised by the outcome.

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Alkaline Calls Tony Matterhorn A “P*ssy” For Playing Vybz Kartel Song

“… more time we haffi pull together and help one another, we don’t have any pension.” stated Tony Matterhorn

He also added, “me? nuh wa see no crew, no friend, nun a them… because none a them coulda help, what’s the sense?” reportedly aimed at Niko’s closest entertainment friends.

Watch The Full Video Below.

Update Your Friends
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