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Recently during a candid interview on Profile with Ian Boyne, Usain Bolt was asked his views on the impending general election (February 25), the six-time Olympic gold medalist then revealed that he is not on the voters’ list.

“Me nuh like politics, not one bit,” the athlete, said.

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“I’m not a politics type of person; anything having to do with politics, I stay as far as possible from it. That’s me,” he added.

“I am not going to vote. I leave that as far as possible,” he stressed, admitting that his parents are voters shared between two different political choices, despite living together in the same house.

“Even me parents, I know they are different parties, but I don’t know which one is which one cause I don’t even ask them, I know they are not the same … dem come out and go vote at separate times, I know they are in different parties, but I don’t have that type of interest,” Bolt reiterated.

According to Dre1 sources, it’s evident that despite not voting and not supporting any political party, the fastest man of all time assured that he is not against people and their choices, but maintains that the conversation is not for him.

“I hear a few things, but it’s not something … that I hear persons having a conversation and go there to input,” he said.

Update Your Friends
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