Dancehall fans are ruthless as Vanessa Bling comes under fire for allegedly stealing Kasi Bennett birthday look.

According to social media users the ‘Independent Ladies’ singer copied Usain Bolt’s girlfriend with her latest outfit however failed miserably.

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After VB uploaded the fit on her Instagram account Saturday just days after Kasi, fans immediately began to make comparisons giving Bennet the win.

“Look nice …but Kasi B wore it better,” one fans said in seconds. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….who rock it best? Am going with Kasi B ….its too soon Vanessa…di gyal just buss di outfit!lol,” another wrote.

“Isnt that outfitt Kasi B wear first ???” another added.

However some fans were in full support of the former Portmore Empire singer, “I didn’t realise wearing clothes had people’s personal names in them to stop others wearing the same items. Vanessa Bling you look fantastic. Haters are secret fans. You look fabulous in my own opinion from head to feet. At least you don’t have to be showing of the shape of your pum pum to get a number of likes. ? me rate you stay graceful and forget the haters.” one wrote.

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