Vershon wants to know why Jamaicans are bashing him for wearing his confederate flag jacket designed by Kayne West but no one is calling out Yeezy.

“Our fellow black brother Kanye West the founder/maker of the Yeezus Tour jacket that has a confederate flag up to this day I don’t hear anyone come out and said anything about it.,” The Dancehall artist wrote on his Instagram account on Friday

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“Why is it selling in Jamaica ??? how did it get there? and where did the seller get it from? Can you imagine how many of our young black youths purchased this not knowing what the flag is about I can bet 99.9% of you didn’t know it was Kanye West who market this jacket.”


“People talks about history where did the word N***a came from?? Just in case you don’t know. It came from white people! So why we as black people call ourselves N***a? We are no longer slaves to white people … black-people are slaving black-people we spend so much time tearing down and killing each other not knowing how powerFul we are. We are leaders so be a leader QueffaTalk …,” he added.

The ‘Wet’ singer sent tongues wagging when he wore the flag which is symbol of racism and slavery for many, proudly as a fashion statement during his recent interview with ‘The Fix’.

The Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and slavery. The Confederate States of America were slaves holding states whose economy was mostly dependent upon agriculture, particularly cotton, and a plantation system that relied upon the labor of African-American slaves.

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