Two Queens of their respective genres have come together to compile a series of clips showcasing a Afro-Carib cultural exchange.

The current queen of Dancehall Spice and Nigerian heavyweight Yemi Alade travelled to NYC to visually capture their cultural exchange.

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The first scene of the exchange, both women outfitted each other in a traditional look of their respective culture.

Spice outfitted Alade in the iconic red, green and gold mesh top, with ‘batty rider’ short and of course a plethora of costume jewelry to top it all off.

Yemi also outfitted Spice in a extremely Yoruba ensemble as well, a beautifully hand-sewn purple dress topped off with a gele and colorful gems.

They finally concluded with a scene of them enjoying and explaining various dishes and drinks indigenious to both respective cultures.

See full video series here.

Bubble it

Nigerian Afrobeats artist Yemi Alade and Jamaican Dancehall artist Spice recently joined forces to represent for their respective queendoms on new track ‘Bubble It’.

Despite hailing from opposite sides of world, the duo have created an earworm transcendent of nationality, language, and genre.

The up-tempo track is equally dancehall & afrobeat, offering a sublime fusion of Yemi’s ‘sweet like sugar” vocals and Spice’s fierce delivery.

Watch below.

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