Update Your Friends

Yanni Cassanova is Empowering women in single

The hard hitting Riddim produced by DJ Perf combined with the melodic flow and on point lyrics by Yanni cassanova is truly music to the ears on this track. Discussing hard working women and their desire for independence and beauty. When asked how the song came about the artist had this to say:

“There is nothing more inspirational than a strong sexy beautiful woman. This song is for the goodas woman them and by Goodas I mean Bad gal them. The song was made in literally 20 mins. Perf build the Riddim and I just went in the booth and the rest is history. I veĀ  performed the song in Florida, Boston, Canada and they love it.”Says the “real Cassanova” deejay

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Released in partner with WBT Empire listen below:


Update Your Friends
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