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In iconic jamaican fashion, the phrase “A Weh You Get Tha Clarks Deh Sterling?!” is flicking of the tongues of yardies worldwide.

Raheem Sterling has revealed the look of his extremely sought after signature clarks shoe!

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He made the iconic Wallabee boot, his own, the main color of the boot is a rich lush green, outlined with black stitching and the inner sole displays gold text, “Out Of Many One People” the motto of Jamaica.

This jamaican past-time now has a splitting resemblance to the Jamaican national flag, sporting the colors black, green and gold 🇯🇲

See images below

We can already tell, this is going to be an August 6th (Jamaican Independence Day) favorite !

Our friends on Twitter are thinking the same thing.

In celebration of the successful collab, Clarks have started a community initiative entitled #ClarksAndJamaica; Where school supplies and signature wallabee shoes will be provided free of cost to the Maverley Primary & Junior High School in Kingston Jamaica.

The signature shoe is scheduled for a September 3rd, 2020 worldwide release, will you be getting a pair? We will!

Update Your Friends
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