Music producer and marketing director of entertainment company British Linkz, Romario English, is among the most recent curators of dancehall music to be featured by popular streaming site, Pandora.

Pandora decided to feature various reggae and dancehall curators in a bid to elevate the streaming activity of the genre.

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The idea to feature reggae and dancehall music on their platform came from Diego Herrera, director of reggae and Caribbean music at Pandora.

This is an initiative to bolster streams for reggae and dancehall while giving control or notarisation to those who have played an active role in the promotion of dancehall music.

“As we welcome more curators from the Caribbean to bring their unique voices to Pandora, it’s important to showcase their efforts directly to our listeners,” said Herrera.


Highlighting dancehall music on a streaming platform of such magnitude offers both seasoned and new artistes the chance to branch out more on the international markets and garner more streams.

“This comes as the first of many collaborations with Pandora and Caribbean curators. My team and I are very grateful for this opportunity. I cannot stress how important it is for creatives to tap into the large market Pandora possesses for their craft and to make use of the various tools and knowledge made available for free in a bid to grow and maximise on the potential of their work,” said English, who also dabbles in production, website management and blogging, and has, in recent times, recorded songs with the likes of Spice on his label.

British Linkz will also be hosting a podcast in coming months that is aimed at educating musicians and industry players about reggae and dancehall.

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