RoRo Jammings Productions, a fairly new production label, has hit the ground running with a discography of singles that will hopefully earn the label a notable spot at the musical table.

Run by Ros-Ann Cann, the label is based in New York and caters for all genres of music.

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Cann shares that while growing up in St James and attending Montego Bay High School for Girls, she was a part of a band, and entered several competitions and participated in numerous church activities that led to her branching off into music.

Roro Jammings aim for musical success with ‘Bull Inna Pen Single’

“I am a lover of music and the creative arts and as such, I felt the need to expound on my ability to create good music. In 2018, my label became official and it’s been continuous work since. I am currently working with artistes like Mixing Lab, Deeclef, Alozade, Rollyn Dyce and Jay Heart,” said Cann, who goes by the moniker ‘RoRo’.

Her productions include Rich This Year by Rollyn Dyce, Bull Inna Pen by Deeclef, and Mixing Lab’s Mi Wah Rich.

While music is at the forefront of Cann’s aspirations, she has intentions of creating a foundation for less fortunate children, helping them make better lives for themselves, as she remembers what it was like growing up for herself.

“I have big dreams, dreams that can help myself, my family and my friends, and I see everything manifesting this year and beyond. I just have to keep working. My label and my foundation are coming to change the game,” she said.


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