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Entertainers Stylo G and Ky-Mani ‘Maestro’ Marley are featured on a vibrant soundtrack set to be the foundation of Wray Rum’s new campaign dubbed #FiWiCulture.

The campaign features vibrant expressions of Jamaican celebrations that transcend generations and backgrounds, referencing the ways in which Jamaicans pair their passion for food and friendship, sports, music and fun with their Wray Rum.

Marsha Lumley, marketing director of J. Wray and Nephew Jamaica Limited, is excited about pairing the company’s white rum and two of Jamaica’s captivating personalities.

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“We are pleased to partner with these two Jamaican brands who have different musical styles that are both authentically Jamaican, a reminder of how diverse our culture truly is. As a staple in the cultural landscape of Jamaica, Wray Rum is using this campaign to showcase what makes us as Jamaicans unique, and that we show our ‘Jamaicaness’ in everything we do, from sports to food to the way we socialise,” she said.


For Stylo G, the partnership is a dream come true.

“These are the things I want to be associated with, showing people my culture and rubbing shoulders with Ky-Mani Marley, a legend in his own right. I am living my Jamaican dream,” he said. The recording artiste, given name Jason McDermott, said that the impact of Jamaican culture is quite evident in other territories.

“As an international artiste travelling across the world, Jamaican culture is at the top. People love the music, food and lifestyle. So representing Jamaica with the music is important,” he said.

Marley wants fans to enjoy the positive vibe and energy from this new thrust.

“Jamaicans are a vibrant and proud set of people, very patriotic, known for setting trends across the globe. I wish for us to continue to build and support each other and continue to push the culture in a positive light.”


Update Your Friends
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