The Queen of Dancehall and now Grammy nominated artist Spice, and her team travelled to Toronto, Canada with morale at an all time high and put out bravado appearance for anxious fans.

During the show’s opening ceremony, Sherwin Modeste, the Executive Director of Pride Toronto, referenced the Stonewall riots, which occurred in 1969 between New York police and LGBTQ+ protesters, when he expressed excitement that Spice was on their stage.

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“Over 50 years ago, at the Stonewalls in New York, they said enough is enough, and today, having Spice on our stage, we are saying enough is enough,” Modeste declared.

Jamaican-born Dr. Andrew B. Campbell, who was tasked with introducing Spice to the stage, later added: “Spice being here, is more than just entertainment.  It’s a political statement.  It is saying to Dancehall and deejays and artists, who are homophobic, that we are not standing for homophobia and transphobia, anymore.”

“It is a political statement that Spice is standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community,” Campbell continued.

The events were hosted in acknowledgement of the COVID19 rules of each respective state and had cabanas, refreshment and other miscellaneous items on sale.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and awe as all the dancehall acts commanded the stage in true caribbean-like fashion.

Watch Top Highlights below.

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