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Dancehall artiste Zagga has spun a difficult situation into an impressive body of work, a brand new album titled “The Isolation Project.”

Produced by Amini Music Group and Gloheart Music, it was officially released on May 22, 2020. The Dancehall album focuses on timely topics, relating mainly to the world currently being on lockdown during an ongoing pandemic.

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“The project’s name depicts the situation that the world is in right now “Isolation”, that is the whole inspiration around it,” the artiste explained. The album was two weeks in the making, with the artiste working within a time frame to deliver a gift to his fans during what has been a trying time for many.

“This project’s sole purpose is to highlight, educate and give people a vibe for the lockdown,” the artiste elaborated, “It’s really just a vibe and something to take us through this lockdown and staying in situation that we are in, so it’s a very relatable project.”

Through eight tracks, the artiste skilfully articulates different aspects of the lockdown/ quarantine period, with titles such as “Update”, “Essential”, “Can’t Wait” and Lonely.” One other track “New Hail” was released back in March, when the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were first felt on the island. Since its release, the album has been well received and given good feedback, signs that it has achieved the level of comfort and relatability that was intended with its release.

Having developed a love for music at an early age, Zagga has built an impressive catalogue of music over the course of his career, dabbling in a mix of Hip Hop, Dancehall and Reggae. His previous releases include “Ladies Around The World”, “So Far Away” and “Bad and Hungry.” Now, the artiste is focused on creating a positive space and wants to encourage his fans during this time.

“To all my fans, stay locked in, stay safe and keep supporting the music,” he said.“The Isolation Project” is available for purchase and streaming on digital platforms such as Amazon Music, Google Play and Spotify.

Update Your Friends
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