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Veteran Dancehall artiste Beenie Man has responded to Alkaline after the Vendetta deejay blasted him on social media Wednesday afternoon.

The “Badness It Name” deejay called the ‘King Of Dancehall’ a liar after Beenie Man claimed he said he’s done with “Dutty Jamaica.”

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“Big p***y Beenie me know yuh?” Alkaline wrote. “How yuh so lie? Tag him,” Alkaline added.

Beenie Man who is currently on vacation with his girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson has since responded saying Alkaline is an Instagram badman following the steps of Tony Matterhorn.

Mi glad how di artiste hear me. A 2 years now di fans a support him music and cyaa see him. I only hope him do some show now fi spite me and please him fans. Since a deh so di ting reach,” Beenie wrote in a lengthly post. “Mi please my fans and fi dem pickney fi decades now. Pay my dues and show my respect to the music, musicians, deejays, promoters, patrons and sound system. Music is a service to the fans, not a hype ting. Many artiste come and go and me still deh yah. Unnu tek music fi game?#InstagramBadman ting anuh my style. Him a tek up Matterhorn style fi war pon Instagram?
Mi just do a bag a show inna December alone…and tired!” Beenie Added.

Before listing his December events, “?Galliday Bounce
?Stone Live Anniversary
?GT Taylor Extavaganza
?Chug It
? Trailer Load Wednesdays.”

Beenie ended by saying, “Me tired and RE-tired! ?? Tell di man sehh me deh pon vacation yah man. Mi a tek a break so me can come back come work fi mi fans dem. Tag him.”

Update Your Friends
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