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Bill Cosby has finally broken his silence after facing sexual assault charges to thank his fans and friends on popular social media Twitter, in what was his first tweet in months.


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Cosby, who is accused of drugging and indecently assaulting Andrea Costand at his Philadelphia mansion in 2004, faced a torrent of abuse online after posting the message.

On Thursday it emerged that dozens of women could give evidence against Cosby during his trial for indecent assault.

More than 50 women who have accused him of raping or assaulting them could be called to give testimony, victims’ lawyers said.

They could tell a jury what happened to them to make the woman accusing Cosby appear more credible, and to establish a pattern of behavior.

If convicted Cosby, who has been married since 1964, faces up to 10 years in jail.

Dozens of the allegations against the shamed former star of The Cosby Show date back to the 1970s and are beyond the statute of limitations.

Cosby is suing seven women who accused him of rape for what his attorney called ‘malicious, opportunistic, and false and defamatory accusations of sexual misconduct against him’.

He claimed the allegations caused a financial loss to him as networks and online streaming sites stopped broadcasting his shows, as they feared backlash from viewers

Bill Cosby has broken his silence after facing sexual assault charges to thank his fans and friends, in what was his first tweet in months

Despite his fall from grace, Cosby has gained a about 1 million followers in the last year – but that did not stop the humiliation he received from people after his ‘thank you’ tweet on New Year’s Eve.


Update Your Friends
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