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The “Fancy” rapper took to Twitter to rant about stumbling blocks she’s facing to promote her most recent album “Azillion”

In a lengthy late-night rant on Thursday (Jan. 21), Iggy  claimed that Virgin EMI, specifically the label’s president, Ted Cockle, refused to give her the go-ahead to shoot a video for the song purposed to create buzz for her upcoming album, Digital Distortion, because it isn’t “good enough.”

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According to Vibe, “Azillion,” which has gained nearly 900,000 plays on SoundCloud since its debut Jan. 8, is a track Iggy said was specifically for “MY RATZ.” When fans inquired for clarification on why the song isn’t being appropriately promoted, Azalea explained the industry red tape she’s run into.

Listen Azillion Below:

Update Your Friends
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