Update Your Friends

Miss Kitty has sought to address her now-viral statement on how ‘boyfriends’ should be treated in a relationship.

The media personality and motivational speaker, real name Khadine Hylton, came under fire from social media users earlier this week shortly after a video surfaced online with Kitty sharing her views on how men should be treated, “Mi nah give no boyfriend no husband treatment!,” she warned, “Husband eat outta plate… boy eat outta styrofoam or foil paper.”

The Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall judge added that she refuses to cook meals for her boyfriend citing that at the end of the day there’s no guarantee that the relationship will last, “Afta yuh done use mi and abuse mi, mi nuh get no ring,” Kitty added.


Following the social media backlash, Kitty explained the viral video during her radio show on Friday, according to her the clip was taken out of context. Miss Kitty says was only addressing the ‘boys’ ill-treating women and not the real ‘Kings’ that show their partners love.

Kitty added that her statement was in relation to a listener that shared that her ex-boyfriend of 10 years cheated on her before marrying the other woman within three months. The man allegedly then contacted her asking for to borrow JMD $450,000, “You have to respect yourself to know when a relationship or an individual is no longer serving you,” Kitty said.


Update Your Friends