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It’s been barely a week since a picture of a cat taking a selfie took the internet by storm.

However, there’s a new popular feline around, as a video of a cat dressed as a monkey has notched up an impressive 6.7 million views in just two days.

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The video, entitled Cat + Monkey 2016 was uploaded to YouTube on New Year’s Eve, then reposted on Facebook the following day where it has been viewed millions of times and liked almost 100,000 times.2FC2482200000578-3382602-image-a-2_1451818588914

Cat ‘experts’ were outraged.

Michael Gpearson wrote on the Cats Facebook page: ‘It’s clearly not enjoying it and restricted from getting out of the monkey suit. Abusive situations, even animals become accustomed to it and stop struggling, whether it takes a day or years of forced dress ups.

‘In no way is it for the cats entertainment. There are many different forms of abuse!’

However despite the backlash, there were a few who actually enjoyed the footage and believed the cat was in no way harmed or in distress.

‘I’m also pretty sure that it wouldn’t have sat on that table whilst the owner surrounded it by fruit and showed it a banana if it didn’t want to.

‘Some cats will sit through anything (3/4 of mine will allow my little girl to stroke, cuddle and play any way she wishes without any fight) and some will not (my other cat will flat out trample you to death on her way to the cat flap!)

Please try to take this as the lighthearted post it was meant to be. The cat is NOT in distress. Catty New Year x.’

Facebookers couldn’t agree on whether the cat seemed happy or not, with some pointing out that it could have ‘pushed off’ the costume if it wanted to

The video was produced by Japanese YouTuber 10 cats.On their YouTube page – which has 39,000 subscribers – they say: ‘I live with 10 cats at home in Japan.’

They regularly upload cat-based content, such as two cats eating a ‘Christmas dinner’ of roast chicken and dressed up in Santa costumes.


Update Your Friends
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