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It’s been nearly four years since, the ‘Let it Burn’ R&B singer Usher’s last album, but the wait is almost over.

The R&B superstar has finally revealed a title for the long awaited soon to be released album entitled —”Flawed”

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 In a recent  Twitter video with artist Daniel Arsham, Usher made the big announcement. “What are we working on?” asks Arsham before Usher responds, “Amazing, incredible, awesome…”

“For what?” replies Arsham, while Usher reveals, “For Flawed, my new album. It’s coming.”

Flawed would mark the eighth album the singer has released since the start of his professional musical journey.

According to Rap-Up, Usher said “I feel responsible. I look at all of my social media and my fans been a little mad at me because I pushed my album back,” he told the crowd. “But tonight, if you don’t mind, I just want to share something with you. This is just something I’ve been working on, I figured I’ll just play it for you.”


Update Your Friends
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